Top 5 Images from our Paris to the Algarve Cycle Trip

At number 5…

The Navigator Batons Down the Hatches

This was Jacqui just north of Moura in Portugal preparing for what proved to be a very wet hour or two.  Moments later a thunder storm forced us off the road.

At Number 4…


This run down by the border with Portugal was such a special day – not least as for once the cycle gods were with us and we were going more downhill than up!

At Number 3…

Champagne Moment

Here we are in St. Jean Pied de Port, celebrating 600+ miles of cycling down through France over 12 days.  Our longest trip ever and a great preparation for Spain and Portugal.

At Number 2…


This ain’t easy!

Here we are sheltering out of a howling headwind that had been in our faces all day.  We were cold and hungry and still, after 80km, 30km short of Palencia and our hotel for the night.  We learned that day that Spain can beat you up when you are cycling.

And at Number 1…


This may be a favourite for a long time.  Jacqui en route from France into Spain and on to Pamplona takes us to new heights.  Gosh this felt good!

There are more photos over on our Flickr site.



Going Slowly

Going Slowly is a super/mega blog hosted by Tara and Tyler who have been on their bikes for what seems to be a lifetime.  Their site holds photos, routes, gear, internet, planning and blogging pages.  The site is packed with advice gained by experience on all aspects of cycle touring almost everywhere in the world.  The photos are stunning and the whole site has a nice, edgy look and feel. A great structure and lots of indexing makes it super easy to navigate.  Highly recommended for planning, use of technology and specific, practical advice.