Spring Cleaning

OK so I may be just a tad on the optimistic side, but with Spring and a new year ahead of me I thought it was time to give, “Pedalling on Regardless” a bit of a spring clean. Or at least a wash and brush up. So it is out with the old, but trusted and reliable, Coraline Theme and say hello to, “Publication” – all, ‘swishy in her satin and tat’ and about as subtle as a slap in the face with a wet cod. Who says old dogs must be stuck in their ruts?

I hope readers will bear with me as I learn and apply all these new features and frills.  What do you think?  Is the new look worth persevering with on first meeting?

All things are relative

We cycle in Portugal quite a bit and have done so for many years, so we are well used to encounters with dogs in remoter areas. Often the first indication I get is when Jacqui comes by me at a speed that would do Mark Cavendish credit.

However, when I came across this photo on the web, I realised that all things are relative and we had little to complain about.

2015-12-19 at 19.52

We have encountered wild boar and even a full grown bull in the past, but if we ever get to this point, we will be trading down to a four wheel cage for our future trips.

Smile: Tent Sizes for Cycle Tourers

A tunnel tent made by Hilleberg
A tunnel tent made by Hilleberg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we are thinking about carrying an ’emergencies only’ tent with us on our trip through Spain and Portugal this October I found myself searching for tent specifications.  This, from the Cycle Chat Forums, was by far and away the most helpful and realistic comment I came across:

Just to translate the capacity given when looking to purchase a tent. If the tent says 1 man it equals 1 midget, 2 man= a man and a midget, 3-man= a man a midget and a dwarf, 4 man= 2 men a midget and a dwarfs torso, 5 man= a japanese couple c/w cameras, 6 man= the spice girls, 7 man= Laurel & Hardy, 8 man = snow white and the seven dwarves. This is a commonly used system of ordering within the camping trade.

Tee Hee!  No politically offensive intention involved in this posting.

Quotes: Steven Hales

“The condition of the cyclist is the human condition writ small – all of us must craft for ourselves the kind of lives we wish to lead, we must decide how we are to live, what we will do, and how to pull it off. Like Kierkegaard, we can find exhilaration and self-knowledge in this challenge instead of ennui or despair.”

Quoted from Steven D Hales, ‘Cycling and philosophical lessons learned the hard way’.  Chapter 16 in Cycling: Philosophy for everyone (2010) edited by Jesus Ilundain-Agurruza and Michael Austin, Chichester Wiley-Blackwell.

I guess pulling it off is the secret.