All things are relative

We cycle in Portugal quite a bit and have done so for many years, so we are well used to encounters with dogs in remoter areas. Often the first indication I get is when Jacqui comes by me at a speed that would do Mark Cavendish credit.

However, when I came across this photo on the web, I realised that all things are relative and we had little to complain about.

2015-12-19 at 19.52

We have encountered wild boar and even a full grown bull in the past, but if we ever get to this point, we will be trading down to a four wheel cage for our future trips.

3 thoughts on “All things are relative

    1. High intensity interval training indeed – I consider that to be threatening language, Lesley. 🙂 By the way, our encounter with the bull happened just south of Castro Verde, heading in your direction. A truck stopped, concerned for our safety, but we misheard the warning and thought the driver was talking about a boulder on the road. Luckily, not even my bright red jacket tempted the bull into charging us and we slipped by unmolested.

      1. They’re pretty big up close aren’t they?! Glad to know he was docile and colourblind😉

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