Technology: iPad App for WordPress

I have just discovered the iPad app from and for WordPress, but will it work? I have a hunch yes and it could be yet another reason to carry your iPad on your cycle tour. Mind you how many reasons do you need?

Update: Well, it worked a treat.  Looks like it would be just great for adding daily updates on a trip with simple text that could be embellished with photos and maps later.  Not that these cannot be added at the time, but doing so from a ‘proper’ machine would be easier I think.  What you need, however, is something to catch your ‘thoughts’ as notes as you go and the app on an iPad would work just fine.

2 thoughts on “Technology: iPad App for WordPress

  1. Check out TrackMyTour for the iPad and iPhone (full disclosure: I wrote the app). It was written with bike touring in mind, and lets you update an online map to share with friends and family who are following along. If you’d like to see a sample map, check out:

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